Gear Music

“If he doesn’t like you, this is all just a moo point.”

I heard back from the owner of MoonArmada.   He’s going to make more Baby Bots.  Yay.  I’m preparing a shipment of designer vinyl toys for him to assess as potential synthesizers.


I located more hopefuls since.  I think I ultimately want three units with my toys, the black BabyBot, and a matrix mixer cube.  If it turns out more than three of the (several) figures I send are viable, I’ll see if Moon Armada wants to keep and convert any for his store.


I’ve been messing around with the Push 2 and Ableton Live Standard, (I upgraded.)  I love it.  I’m still learning how it functions, but it’s highly intuitive.  I love Justin Timberlake’s new song, Filthy, (so much I should marry it.)  Also, Bruno Mars with Cardi B is brilliant.  I hope whoever made that call got promoted.

Cardi B

I hope Cardi B continues to blow up like a teenaged girl who just caught her little brother reading her journal to her soon-to-be-former-boyfriend.  Back to making music.  Peace.  💜